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Nowadays, with all the innovations in the construction industry, we can only be proud to be able to choose a home from various options. Wooden, brick, clay, glass and even straw houses have great properties, but panel houses are probably the most noteworthy. Why be interested in this particular type of house you ask? The answer is simple – these houses have many advantages:

• they have great heat retention property and are economical;
• construction takes less time than that of brick or wooden houses;
• fabrication of the parts for these houses is not affected by weather conditions;
• construction can be carried out any time of the year;
• quality equal to brick houses;
• the risk of fire is eliminated: flammable materials used in construction of this type of houses are fire-proofed using special substances;
• the structure of a panel  house is much more resistant to strong winds than that of a brick or wooden house;
• it is easy to make adjustments to the house (for example, expand the structure).



Even though construction of a house is a very important process, receiving much of the attention, a structure is not completed until all necessary doors and windows are installed. A variety of materials can be used in manufacturing windows and doors, just like for the construction of a house (wood, glass, concrete, plastic, etc.). Although, according to sales statistics, windows and doors made from wood and plastic remain the most popular. But which material is more worthy to become part of your home?
A few details should be mentioned before the answer: recently people want to get back close to nature: the demand for natural food and cosmetics products has increased, and the same can be said about materials used in house construction. You want your home environment to be as natural as possible as well? If so, priority must be given to wooden windows and doors: good looking and pleasant to touch, they will look great in any kind of interior, and even still smelling like the forest… Of course, wooden windows and doors will not have the slightest negative impact on your or your family’s health.

So if you have already decided to live in a wooden house, you should stay on this course until the end and choose wooden doors and windows. By choosing such a detail you can create a uniform oasis of peace, comfort and harmony with nature and you yourself.


The fundamental requirements of TEK19, the Norwegian passive house standard, are low heat transfer factors (U values) of the building’s structures and tightness retention. Our houses easily meet such energy efficiency standards and Smarthusbygging is constantly updating its knowledge and fabrication solutions according to construction standards and requirements, which become stricter and stricter.


German KfW-Effizienzhaus 70, 55, 40
French BBC (Bâtiment de basse consommation)
Italian CasaClima (KlimaHaus)